See why Vicky likes Vensa


Queenstown Medical Centre

Vicky, a Clinical Administrator, has been championing Smoking Cessation amongst the local Queenstown population. She is thrilled with how much easier it is to reach targets using TXT2Remind 4.0. With previous Smoking Campaigns it was easy to send out the texts, but the labour involved in going through thousands of replies was inefficient. The new TXT2Remind Campaign Manager tool has automated the process, with patient's replies writing-back and updating the classifications automatically.

As a result, the time taken for patients to receive brief advice or cessation support has drastically reduced. In addition, Vicky's experience with patient response has been strongly positive. Often with a phone call, it could be a few days before patients get back to her, but with TXT2Remind 4.0 their response is almost immediate.

Overall, Vicky is really happy with how TXT2Remind 4.0 has integrated with the practice, and she is impressed with the level of support she has received.