Ongoing Training and Support

Our Support Team's speedy response time and collaborated knowledge and experience are unparalleled. We proactively contact practices to ensure your needs are provided for



We're on Your Team

Think of us as part of the team! Only a phone call away we can get right to the problem. With remote access a Practice Support Specialist can help you solve problems together

Under-utilisation Training

We proactively look out for practices that may not be using TXT2Remind 4.0 to its potential. A helpful member of the team will contact you and offer you training assistance

Health Check

All service areas need to be functioning well for optimal outcomes. We can identify areas that can be improved and contact you to find the best fit solution

Project 160 Characters

If your practice is struggling to keep messages short and concise, we can provide a Template Management expert to offer tailored training to improve patient interaction

Practice Nurse, Maree Dohrman - Kopeopeo Health Centre

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