Reinventing the way you do Recalls

Send instant reminders for all Primary Health Care services seamlessly and save up to 60% nurse time, as well as the cost of posting letters

Set up bulk Recall Reminders for your Screenings, Immunisations and Vaccines



Streamline the Recall Process

Recalls are stressful and time consuming non-clinical work for Nursing Teams. TXT2Remind 4.0 enables you to send bulk messages for Screenings, Immunisations and Vaccines directly from your PMS

Who said Queries are hard?

Vensa provides you with preconfigured queries for Flus, Smoking ABC, CVDRA, Overdue Accounts and more. In 3 quick steps, you can communicate with all your patients

Store Patient Communication Automatically

All Recall SMS messages sent and received through Vensa will be filed against the patients notes in their Inbox, Outbox and Daily Record

Supports PMS Integration 

Users can send all the messages from within the PMS, saving you shifting through different screens or applications. It's easy to learn with a typical learning curve of no more than 20 minutes

Practice Manager, Alison Drennan - Dr DeLacey's Surgery

"Cost of postage, printing and phone calls has reduced since implementing TXT2Remind. We usually spend $500 every two months just on postage! Now we use 25% of that, when you add nursing time and printing the cost saving is amazing"