PMS Automatic Updates

All SMS message communication sent through Vensa will be automatically recorded in the PMS against the patient notes. This ensures that all sent or received messages are recorded and filed correctly



Write-back of Provider Messages

All messages from patients can be returned to the providers Inbox. Simple configuration allows you to redirect these to another staff member of your choice

Write-back of Patient Messages

The highest level of accuracy has been considered with the write back feature. All replied messages from patients are only written-back into the patient Inbox when the patient ID is confirmed

Well Documented Patient Files

Appointment Reminders, Recall Reminders and Outbox documents are all automatically recorded in the patient Outbox. For your convenience, we have centralised the filing process

Write-back for Medico-legal purposes

It is beneficial to have a record of all communication between patient-provider. These records could be important in future situations

Practice Manager, Linda Tucker - Riccarton Medical Practice

"Our Practice is using Vensa TXT2Remind for recalls and quick messages. It creates efficiencies and is an easy system to learn"