Run a Campaign and Achieve Targets Easier

Set up a Campaign to reach your targets! Use this feature for Smoking Ask, Smoking Brief Advice and more. Responses received can be designed to automatically update patient readcode classifications.



Effortless way to meet Health Targets

Meeting health targets can be fully automated for areas such as Smoking. A super effective and efficient method that cuts down on admin work

Enable Automatic Readcode Updates

Run multiple Campaigns across all your providers! For each Campaign, a patient reply will correspond to a readcode classification of your choice and automatically update your patient classifications

Enhanced Single User Identification

The feature handles multiple patients sharing one mobile number (as an example a mobile shared amongst several family members)

Easily Identify Non-Respondents

The Campaign Manager produces a summary of those who have and have not yet responded. To save you from re-contacting everyone, you can isolate and follow up only the non-respondents

CEO, Barbara Stevens - Auckland PHO

"The Vensa TXT2Remind tool, combined with lower fees to visit GPs, means Māori and Pasifika patients are seeing doctors and nurses far more than previously"