Real time communications with your patients 

TXT2Remind 4.0 is here. Sending and receiving messages for appointments, labs and health targets has never been as easy. Here are the key new "premium" features.


Patient Text-in

Get your patients to text-in requests for appointments and scripts, encouraging them to think proactively about their health.

Reach Your Targets

With Campaign Manger, you can meet IPIF targets six times faster with readcode classifications which update automatically.

Reduce No-shows

Reduce patient no-shows with this amazing new feature which adds confirmation colour coding to your appointment book.

Keep an Audit

Use Vensa seamlessly for all communications, with all sent and received messages automatically filed in patient notes.

Screenings and Vaccines

Recalls just got easier with the new streamlined reminder system. With a click of a button you can now send all of your routine reminders.


Amazing "Premium" features that will make your day more pleasant

TXT2Remind 4.0, with all of its time saving magic, will help the practice be more connected with its patients. Our team of experts is here to support your practice growth and success.


Appointment Confirmation

Automatic Appointment Reminders with colour-coded appointment confirmation can reduce DNA rates by up to 50%


Lab Results

Send normal Lab Results before your patients ask. Reduce lab related incoming calls and nurse time by 70%



Send bulk SMS Recall Reminders for Screenings, Immunisations and Vaccines. Reduce nurse time and cost of letters by up to 70%


Campaign Manager

Run Campaigns to achieve your targets with automatic readcode classification updates. Reduce time required to reach targets by up to 50%



Receive accurate Monthly Reporting of your SMS usage and trends. Now PHOs and GPs can access and understand their monthly Vensa utilisation


Templates & Queries

Download preconfigured Templates and Query Builds relevant to Primary Health Care services


Patient Initiated Messages

Empower your patients to simply send a SMS message to your practice and save calling time. Reduce incoming calls by up to 70%


Ongoing Training

Receive ongoing comprehensive training and support in all areas of mobile communication


PMS Auto-update

All health reminders sent and received by Vensa are automatically updated in the PMS against patient notes, ensuring medico-legal compliance

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